The planning application for a temporary home for Bullers Wood School for Boys (BWSFB) at St Hugh's Playing Field has now been submitted to Bromley Council.

Planning permission for a permanent boys' school at St Hugh's was granted last year. This application for temporary permission is to make sure that BWSFB have a suitable temporary home in time for September 2019, while the permanent school is being built. 

Bromley Council now want to hear from local people before they make a decision.

Even though the permanent school now has planning permission, the council could still refuse permission for the temporary accommodation, so it is really important that you show your support!

Support the temporary application by writing to the council

Positive reasons to support the application:

  • Planning permission for a permanent school at St Hugh's has already been granted; this application is just for temporary accommodation while the permanent school is built.
  • BWSFB are currently based in a former office block at 1 Westmoreland Road in Bromley. This building is not suitable for a growing school and a new temporary home is needed from September. 
  • The temporary accommodation will consist of a purpose-built modular building, which can be easily transported and assembled very quickly.
  • No piling is required, meaning any construction noise will be kept to a minimum.
  • The temporary school will use the same access route as the new permanent school: the government's planning inspector has confirmed that these arrangements are safe and sensible.

The access route will also allow us to keep more mature trees on the site; it also helps reduce the amount of construction work required.

Click here if you want to support the application

The application is still on track for a decision this spring, as planned, and approval will ensure that BWSFB is able to move to St Hugh’s in September 2019.